MUVT in BUS365 è la nuova agevolazione, voluta dall’amministrazione comunale e da AMTAB, per il trasporto pubblico locale, che consente, al costo di soli 20 euro, di viaggiare su tutti i mezzi pubblici cittadini.

MUVT in BUS365 è rivolto a tutti i cittadini residenti o dimoranti e agli studenti della Città di Bari.


The MUVT Card is the tool to access the LPT services of the City of Bari. With the MUVT card you can buy tickets for public transport in Bari independently or through our ticket offices.

Travel planner helps you find your way around the city by using public transport. You can plan your journey and get detailed information on means of transport. 

If you receive a penalty fare you can pay online here or, in person, at a Sisal Store.

MUVT APP is the AMTAB application, downloadable for Android and iPhone, which allows access to mobility services in the city of Bari.

You can renew  your ZTL and ZSR permits online by using MUVT App.

The mobile application MUVT interacts with other applications, provided by different partners, in order to create innovative smart City solutions.