With MUVT you can proceed with the renewal of RESIDENT ZSR/ZTL permits directly from home without reservations or queues at the counters.

At the end of the procedure, you will receive an email with a summary of the transaction and a link where you can download the MUVT logo to display on your dashboard to indicate to our employees the presence of a permit that will be verified through the license plate of the car.

If you are registered with MUVT simply associate your ZSR ID with your account and you can proceed, in just a few clicks, to renew your permit by paying by credit card.

To proceed with online renewal click on the following link https://servizi.amtab.it/Zsr/.

For any problems during the renewal you can contact the e-mail address muvt.app@amtab.it

Releases and any changes of car or residence at the moment cannot be made using the online procedure.
The following are the ways to apply:
By e-mail, sending the required documentation to: ufficiozsr@amtab.it
At our season ticket office located at 206 Trevisani Street by appointment using the following methods:
online booking: https://amtab-spa2.reservio.com/

WARNING: Please note that any change/addition or loss of requirements, which allowed the issuance of the permit, must be promptly reported to the AMTAB offices under penalty of nullity of the permit itself.

Instructions for online ZTL/ZSR renewal service.